• Custom Cloud Solution

TEAMMAX Private/Hybrid Cloud Solution

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We integrate advanced technology to optimize infrastructure, offering tailored private and hybrid cloud solutions, comprehensive customization services, and streamlined procurement, ensuring seamless user experiences and exceptional value through global partnerships.

  • Professional Surveillance Server

TEAMMAX Surveillance Server 2U12B

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A high-performance, reliable solution for extensive storage and advanced video analytics, perfect for demanding surveillance environments.

  • Video Management System

spark™ Video Management System VMS Family

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Our Intelligent Video Management System uses AI for real-time video analysis, enhancing surveillance efficiency. TeamMax provides advanced, reliable security solutions for commercial, public safety, and transportation sectors.

  • High-Performance Computing Solution

TEAMMAX Liquid-Cooled Workstation

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Our liquid-cooled GPU workstation addresses the growing demand for speed and data processing in finance, providing efficient, stable, and energy-saving computing for financial institutions.

  • Software Defined Storage Solution

TEAMMAX Software Defined Storage

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Software Defined Storage (SDS) is revolutionizing data storage by abstracting the storage hardware, enabling more efficient, flexible, and scalable data management. This solution provides a modern approach to storage, addressing the limitations of traditional architectures by offering agility, scalability, and cost-effectiveness.